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Review of Serb Land of Montenegro by PC World Mikro, Serbian edition of world's leading PC magazine PC World

PC World Mikro, February 2004, page 75

On pages of this website [Serb Land of Montenegro] you can learn all about history of Montenegro, its codes, the Petrovic dynasty from which originates great Petar II Petrovic Njegos, Montenegrin literature and education and view facsimiles of old books printed in Montenegro. Collection of audio and video files, forum where you can share opinions, hyperlinks to related web locations complete the contents of this interesting website whose patron is Metropolitan of Montenegro Amfilohije. Website is in Serbian and English languages.

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left: article from printed edition of PC World Mikro
1st below: article from web edition of PC World Mikro
2nd below: article from CD Rom edition of PC World Mikro