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Dr Slavenko Terzic
Director of Historical Institute of Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts

A word at the meeting of Montenegrin citizens in Belgrade

(Dom Sindikata, 17th of March 2001)

[translated by Stefan Branisavljevic]

Ladies and gentlemen,
Dear friends,
Dear brothers,

The question why Montenegrin regime does not allow its citizens who live outside of Montenegro to decide on the most important question-state and legislative status - is not only legislative, nor question of international law, nor the question of breaking the basic human rights. It is much more than this. Through that question is judged complete political ideology and state blindness of the ruling nomenclature in Montenegro.

The actual struggle is not only about our voting.

Today battles the great battle for the salvation of Montenegro because Montenegro is endangered-that magnificent, dignified, proud, Njegos' Montenegro. To such Montenegro must not be closer Zagreb and Tirana instead of Belgrade.

In the foundation of the modern Montenegro lays whole political, cultural and spiritual heritage of four Serb historical lands - Zeta, Raska, Hum (namely Herzegovina) and Travunija. Instead of Montenegro known for heroism and knighthood today is created "new people", "new culture" , "new Montenegrins" who haven't got any connection to their mothers and fathers, to their grandfathers, to their Serb Orthodox church and their all ancestors. There today from Serb ruins grow Montenegrinii, Diokletians and Red Croats, they assault Serb sanctities because their books of history, education programs and complete social program write George Soros, Steve Hanke and "Diokletian" political coterie.

Today, when the decisive struggle battles for the survival of our people, we have no right to be quiet, to play hide and seek not knowing who are we - Serbs or Montenegrins. In Old Montenegro, but also in its today's territory, until WW2 was no one who did not know that he is a Serb because there were no other Montenegrins than Serbs in Montenegro. Asking such question is as absurd as to ask are Prussians Germans! There is no such circus in the European history: why do not we take for example Germans and Italians who for the centuries had tens of states and tens of dynasties but they are an united nation now.

Why is it that? Because we are still captives of an ideology of anti-Serb Hapsburg national-communism, which presents itself as a modern European and Mediterranean identity. People who nowadays rule Montenegro find main inspiration for political and spiritual reshaping of Montenegro in materials from the congress of Yugoslav Communist Party in Dresden, Fifth Conference of Yugoslav Communist Party in Zagreb, propaganda brochures by ustasha's ideologue Savic Markovic Stedimlija and Croatian geopolitician dr Ivo Pilar. They do not seek the modern cultural and spiritual identity of Montenegro in works of the metropolitan Vasilije Petrovic, Petar I Njegos, king Nikola, Stefan Mitrov Ljubisa, Marko Miljanov, Serb patriarchs Varnava Rosic and Gavrilo Dozic, nor they learn the history of Montenegro from books written by Dusan Vuksan, Djoko Pejovic, Gligor Stanojevic, Ljubomir Durkovic-Jaksic, Novica Rakocevic, Novak Raznatovic and other historians. If it is so they would know that peoples from Serbia and Montenegro are always a Serb nation and over the centuries Montenegrins came to Serbia and stay, received as brothers. Had come from Montenegro ancestors of Karadjordje and Milos, Mladen Milovanovic of Tusinje, is not Vuk's forefathers from Petnica, Cvijic's from Jezera, Garasanin's from Tepaca in the Tara gorge, Petronijevic' s from Donji Kolasin.

Descendants of that great people from Montenegro claim: never again 1918! Independent Montenegro will break forever the program of Greater Serbia! Montenegro will forever stop the Serb expansionism! The present state is a "danger to Montenegrin future"!

What a down fall of the political and the state idea in Montenegro!

You will realize where one stays and on which moral height is he when you compare what say all bishops, lords and rulers of Montenegro and those who today sit on their throne. Imagine Njegos who looks for rescue from "Greater Serbia" in Tirana, Zagreb or Washington. Before his death in 1851, very ill, he says at Cetinje to Matija Ban: "Serbia is the cradle of Serbdom, without Serbia it will be nothing. I leave to you as a last will people's welfare which wouldn't succeed unless reasonable, ardent and courageous people work on. Send my regards to prince, Knicanin and Garasanin. Tell them from my point of view that Serbdom will flourish rather by an arrogant decisiveness than by a diplomacy. Diplomacy has own calculations but we must have ours." And in May of the same year, departing Ljuba Nenadovic in Florence he shouted out his old wish in verses:

"Go to plain Sumadija,
hail for me Serb knights:
let them not belt embroidered swords
but let them ride war-horses;
In Kosovo to gather,
to redeem our elder."

Montenegro is today on tremendous cross road. Within Montenegro battles an enormous political and cultural struggle and if we, who live here, stay indifferently we will lose forever the Serb Montenegro. If we resurrect and restore that authentic, real Montenegro - such Montenegro will naturally remain together with Serbia and all other Serbs.