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Saint Petar of Cetinje to Tahir-beg Averic

Translated by Stefan Branisavljevic

written on the end of April or on the beginning of May 1829

Friendly greetings from myself, Petar Petrovic, Montenegrin bishop and Russian cavalier, to our friend Tahir-beg Averic, the commander of Podgorica.

[It was similarly written to Mehmed the captain of Spuz, later on.]

Learning about the arrival of few armies with the banners from Skadar to your cities nearby our border in the time when there is no war among us, I was surprised what was going on and I sent my confident man, abbot Mojsej, with letters to them into the Highlands to take care avoiding any further clash with your side, and everybody to stay in peace. Afterwards I received information that you provoked non-Muslims to attack your army, and Ljeskopoljci were scared fearing to be slain. I was told that youngsters were upset and fled to the mountain and some of our men from the border started uprising willingly, as some were married from Ljeskopolje and some gave their daughters and sisters to Ljeskopolje. I am strongly against this because a war could be caused. And it does not please me nor I ever wished a war, unless I have defended myself by God' s help from the pest. Now I still do not want to wage the war unless it is necessary. So I am writing to you in peace begging you to calm the riot and not to force non-Muslims against your army, in order that we both could work on peaceful coexistence, letting our emperors to fight each other and thus decide who we both would belong to. They have enough army and goods, and we are of the same Slav-Serb kin although from the two confessions. It is just for both of us to cooperate for good sake, not for bad. I would really like this, if you do not mind. I look forward to your response on this letter.

My best wishes for your health!