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Golden Crown of Emperor Dusan
Dedicated to Montenegrin King Nikola I Petrovic Njegos

Orthodox Youth of Novi Sad Cathedral Church
Click on picture of King Nikola to download song "Golden Crown of Emperor Dusan" (mp3, 1,58 MB)

"Under Murad I Serb Empire was destroyed, under Murad V it has to rise again. This is my wish and wish of all of us as well as the wish of Almighty God" - Nikola I Petrovic Njegos to Montenegrin troops in Herzegovina in 1876

"Ambitious for his dynasty as well as his country and incited by the nationalism of his people, Nicholas dreamed of uniting all Serbs under his aegis and sitting upon Dusan's throne in Prizren" - John D. Treadway, The Falcon and the Eagle - Montenegro and Austria-Hungary 1908-1914

"We are apt to speak of the Serbs of Serbia as 'the' Serbians, and to forget that modern Serbia is a recent state mapped out arbitrarily by the Powers, and that truest representatives of the Great Serbian Empire are the Montenegrins" - Mary E. Durham, Through the Lands of the Serb