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Prince Danilo Petrovic Njegos

established in 1855.

Paragraph 92.

Although there is no other nationality in this land except Serb nationality and no other religion except Eastern Orthodoxy, each foreigner and each person of different faith can live here and enjoy the same freedom and the same domestic right as Montenegrin or Highlander.

In the letter to Serbian prince Aleksandar Karadjordjevic, in April 1856, prince Danilo expresses his gratitude on textbooks sent from Serbia:

"This deed serves like a pledge for new and strong brotherhood, which will be base for our future brotherly agreement and base for better future happiness of our homogenous Serb nation. Montenegrin prince has, in his heart, carved sense of love and devotion not only towards his people, but towards entire Serbdom and everything named and called - Serb."

In the letter to Napoleon III from late May 1856 prince Danilo says about Turkish oppression:

"To enslave us to them by through famine, they wrenched Serb lands, wrested Serb seas; only rocks remain to us and a heart that will never prostrate."

THE CODE OF DANILO - full text in Serbian