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Family of King Nikola Petrovic Njegos

Picture made on the proclamation day of Montenegro as Kingdom, 15. (28) VIII, 1910

Stand (from left to right): Grand-prince Peter Nicholojievich, Prince Francis Joseph von Battenberg, Princess Vjera Petrovic Njegos, Princess Ksenija Petrovic Njegos, Crowned-prince Danilo Petrovic Njegos, Prince Mirko Petrovic Njegos, Prince Petar Petrovic Njegos.

Sit (from left to right): Princess Milica-Jutta von Mecklenburg, Princess Ana von Battenberg, Italian Queen Jelena, Queen Milena Petrovic Njegos, King Nikola Petrovic Njegos, Grand-princess Milica Nicholojievich, Italian King Victor Emmanuel, Princess Natalija Konstantinovic.

Sit on the carpet (from left to right): princess Jelena Karadjordjevic, daughter of Grand-prince Peter Nicholojievich Princess Golycin, Crowned-prince of Serbia Aleksandar Karadjordjevic.

Descendants of King Nikola and Queen Milena

Montenegrin ruler Nikola Petrovic Njegos (1841-1921) became Prince of Montenegro and the Highlands in 1860 and in same year he married Milena Vukotic (1847-1923). In 1910 Nikola Petrovic Njegos became King of Montenegro. They had 12 children - 9 daughters and 3 sons:

Zorka (1864-1890), married 1883 to Prince Petar Karadjordjevic who became King of Serbia in 1903. They had five children: Jelena (1884-1962), Milena (1886-1887), Djordje (1887-1972),  Aleksandar (1888-1934) and Andrija (1890, died few days after the birth).

Milica (1866-1951), married 1889 to Peter Nicholojievich Romanov, Grand-prince of Russia.

Anastasija [Stana], (1867-1935) married 1889, divorced 1906 to George Maximilianovich Romanowsky, Count of Leuchtenberg. Married 1907 to Nicholas Nicholojievich Romanov, Grand-prince of Russia.

Marica (1869-1885).

Crowned-prince Danilo (1871-1939), married 1899 to Augusta Charlotte Jutta von Mecklenburg (after conversion to Orthodoxy her name was Milica). They didn't have children.

Jelena (1872-1952), married 1896 to Crowned-prince Victor Emmanuel III de Savoie who became King of Italy in 1900.

Ana (1874-1971), married 1897 to Francis Joseph von Battenberg, Prince of Battenberg.

Sofija (1876, died three months after the birth).

Prince Mirko (1879-1918), married 1902 to Natalija Konstantinovic, descendent of Jevrem, brother of Serbian Prince Milos Obrenovic. They had five sons: Stevan (1903-1908), Stanislav (1905-1907), Mihailo (1908-1986), Pavle (1910-1933), Emanuel (1912-1928). Prince Mihailo, married 1941 to Genevieve, daughter of French doctor, and in this marriage was born Prince Nikola in 1944.

Ksenija (1881-1960) and Vjera (1887-1927) were not married.

Prince Petar (1889-1932), married 1924 Violet Wegner (after conversion to Orthodoxy her name was Ljubica). They didn't have children.

Invitation to wedding of Princess Zorka Petrovic Njegos and Prince Petar Karadjordjevic, Cetinje, 1883