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On 18 October 1830 just before Petar I Petrovic Njegos (Saint Petar of Cetinje) passed away he said to Montenegrin chieftains his last words:

Last words of Saint Petar of Cetinje

[Source: Milorad Medakovic, History of Montenegro, Zemun 1850]

I have nothing to hide as my last moment approached and I will leave this world.

I recommend you to live in harmony, dear knights and honest heroes!

Give my regards to Montenegrin brothers and tell them that although their Ruler went to eternity his worm and last wish was that his free Montenegrin brothers defended their inherited freedom in peace and fraternal love and not to forget they were Montenegrins and free heroes.

In martyr and wretched but free country I lived my freeble youth and gray-haired age. The God's will is to live you forever but do not forget my words.

Good buy free Mountains and let your glory never fade! God bless you and whole Serb kin!

Take to my chamber to give my spirit to higher providence.